Annual Meeting

Minutes of first meeting to initiate the foundatio

This meeting was held on June 8th 2013 at 9:00 am through teleconference,

Participants (in alphabetical order):

Prof. Ning-Hung Chen (Taiwan) (Chair)

Prof. Tayard Desudchit (Thailand)

Prof. Fang Han (China)

Prof. Seung-Bong Hong (Korea)

Prof. Zhili Huang (China)

Prof. Yoshihiro Urade (Japan), joined at 9:28 am.

Prof. Yun-Kwok Wing (Hong Kong)  (secretary)

Prof. Zhang Jihui (Hong Kong) – in attendance and recording the minutes

  1. All agreed with the name and official language of ASSM;
  2. The Mission is open to all participants for discussion; send to Prof. Wing;
  3. We decided to change “country member” in to “Society member” or “group members” (one society has one vote?);
  4. We welcome those individual members from those countries without a sleep society;
  5. For the individual members, at this moment, we want to be open to recruit as many as members from all professionals in sleep medicine and sleep research. Eventually, regular members (clinicians or PhD level’s researchers; have the right to vote?), associate members (technologist and other health care professionals). However, at the beginning, we will not divide the membership into these two categories;
  6. For those commercial companies want to join ASSM as alliance members, they don’t have right to vote. The same as student (including postgraduate student, and postdoc and resident trainees) members;
  7.  Membership fees: Individual member might have discount or free of registration fee of the annual conference. At the beginning, we should not charge too much from the individual membership fee;
  8. §3 Funding:  we had no other discussion.
  9. termination and expulsion in 2.4; we shall define the termination and expulsion;
  10. For the starting committee, we will invite India and Singapore to join us. Prof. Han will contact Dr. *** from India and Prof. Desudchit will invite someone from Singapore. It seems difficult that Singapore is now forming another sleep society as a group member. However, it is also a golden opportunity to recruit them. The important issue is how to identify the key person from Singapore. If we can identify key person from other countries, we shall invite as many as countries into the SC in view of the participants and ownership issues;
  11. We have decided in Beijing that the interim president as Prof. Ning-Hung Chen, Prof. Hong and Urade as Vice-presidents; Prof. Wing as the secretary-general (thereafter, we changed “secretary” into “secretary-general” in the first draft of the bylaws). In this conference, treasurer is decided to be Prof. Han.
  12. In addition, the executive committee will consist of other three subcommittees, including scientific committee, educational committee, and research committee. Prof. Hong proposed that we might have other committee, such as advertise committee in the future.
  13. We changed the ASSM congress (point in the first draft of the bylaws) from “triennial” into “biennial” according to our discussion in Beijing (11th  May 2013) meeting. For the ASSM Newsletter, the frequency has not been decided yet.
  14. For § 5 Election and Term of Office, we decided to discuss it in the next conference.
  15. For §6, we decided to change the “general meeting” into “general membership meeting”.
  16. We agreed with the quorum for the “general membership meeting”.
  17. For “6.5.3”, The procedure for voting is decided by the chair. The voting has to be in a written form, however, if 1/3 of the members present require that procedure. This issue is open to later discussion.
  18. For 6.4 “Convening General Meetings”, it seems duplicate with the first sentence of section §6. We need to simply it and make it clear.
  19. For “6.5.7.” For voting, in particular for the EC, the following is valid:

If no candidate has received a majority in the first ballot, a second ballot is performed between those two candidates, who have received the highest number of votes in the first ballot. This issue is open for discussion.

  1. Prof. Chen will explore the taxation issue in Taiwai.
  2. Jihui will send other bylaws to members regarding to 8.2 and 8.3. 
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Minutes of second meeting to initiate the foundati