Annual Meeting

ASSM Business Meeting in Seoul 2015

Asian Society of Sleep Medicine Business Meeting
Date: Tuesday March, 24, 2015, 12:30~14:00
Location: Room 204, COEX Mall (WASM), Seoul, Korea
Chairperson Ning-Hung Chen
(in alphabetical order)
(in alphabetical order)
Prof. Abolfazl Mozafari Iran
Prof. Ahmad Heydari Iran
Prof. Ahmad Izuanuddin Ismail Malaysia
Prof. Ahmed BaHammam Saudi
Prof. Albert M Li Hong Kong
Prof. Albert Rafanan Philippine
Prof. Aroonwan Preutthipan Thailand
Prof. Chen Ning-Hung Taiwan
Prof. Daniel KK NG Hong Kong
Prof. Daniel YT GOH Singapore
Prof. Deepali Jaju Oman
Prof. Denny Rotinsulu Indonesia
Prof. Han Fang China
Prof. Hiroki Tsuda Japan
Prof. Hiroshi Nakamura Japan
Prof. Hong Seung Bong Korea
Prof. Hong Seung Chul Korea
Prof. Ip Ms Hong Kong
Prof. Iris Haimov Israel
Prof. J C Suri India
Prof. Jihui Zhany Hong Kong
Prof. Kassym Serik Kazakstan
Prof. Keith Aguilera Philippine
Prof. Khuong Nguyen Vietnam
Prof. Lin Chia-Mo Taiwan
Prof. Manjari Tripathi India
Prof. Mansur Habib Bangladesh
Prof. Michael.chee Singapore
Prof. Mohammed Al Abr Oman
Prof. Muventhiran Ruthranesan Malaysia
Prof. Nana Tuchibana Japan
Prof. Nur Hashima Abdul Rashid Malaysia
Prof. Nushrotul Lailiyya Indonesia
Prof. Pricilla Gunawan Indonesia
Prof. Rashidah Yasin Malaysia
Prof. Shin Chol Korea
Prof. Susumu Abe Japan
Prof. Tayard Desudchit Thailand
Prof. Urade Yoshihiro Japan
Prof. Virginia s. Delos Reyes Philippine
Prof. Win Naing Myanmar
Prof. Wing Yun-Kwok Hong Kong
Prof. Ye Tun Myanmar
Prof. Yuichi Inoue Japan
Prof. Zhili Huang China
  1. Self-Introduction of the attendance (Society of Each Country)
  1. Introduce the Website of ASSM (
The website is setup already. We introduce the design concept of logo (Tai chi image) and information on the website.
  1. Introduction: The mission of the ASSM is to promote all aspects in sleep medicine and research in Asia.
  2. Bylaws: Thanks Dr. Wing for writing draft. The aim of four categories of members is for including as many people as possible.
  3. Members: After collecting information of society, we will include the logo into our members.
  4. Organization: This will include all the representative and officers that will elect today.
  5. E-News: After collecting e-mails, we will provide the information to all the members by E-news and sending e-mails.
Thanks APEX company to support setup to this website. If there are more company which to sponsor this society, we will put the company below this website.
  1. Built the Pre-Link on Google Search to get higher advisement.
  2. Built a section to provide information for patients, ex. FAQ (In English)
  1. Elect officers for ASSM
For the fluent process of the society, we suggested the foundation member as nominee of officers for first stage.
Each country suggests two representatives and votes one ballot.
  1. Combined Conference Information (IPSA+TSSM+ASSM)
4th International Pediatric Sleep Association Congress
14th Annual Meeting of Taiwan Society of Sleep Medicine
1st Conference of Asian Society of Sleep Medicine
Date: March 11-13 (Friday-Sunday), 2016
Venue: Taipei International Convention Center 
  1. Free discuss
  1. Prof Inoue suggests a part-time secretary for doing comes up business.
  2. Prof Inoue suggests a text book for Asia with well balance between sib science, sociology and sleep medicine. Each country has its specialty. We should put our technic experience knowledge into one text book. And focus on the specialty of Asian people.
  3. Prof. Wing: It’s a suppression suggestion. There are many issues depend on different country. Every country needs to contribute.
  4. We try to find funding for the society. Also ask everybody here to help the society growth. If we get funding for society, it belongs to the society. Prof. Chen will negotiate it.
  5. Prof. Aroonwan: Before initiate the book, we can propose the website. In the website, each country should write something about sleep medicine in their country. We should link the website with society of each country.
  6. For this society, it’s very important to serve on members. Try to help members to get set standards in their country.
  7. Prof Inoue is responsible for this text book. After this meeting, he will discuss with consulted members to create the board and move to the preparation.
  8. Prof. Chee would wide support the suggestion of text book. What we want to try to do in this society is that does the things that candidate first built the friendship at the professor union as first priority. And then develop the nice has things data.
  9. Myanmar has been set up sleep society. But they don’t have well train technologist. For the future, if there is opportunity to train in the rich society, it would be impressive.
  1.  Announce the result of voting
Position Suggested Nominee Agree Disagree Blank
President elect Seung Bong Hong 22 0  
(general affairs)
JC Suri 22 0  
Fang Han 22 0  
Yun-Kwok Wing 22 0  
Secretary General Yoshihiro Urade 22 0  
Treasurer Tayard Desudchit 20 0 2
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